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News below may be for the Wolfpack Media Group, Wolfpack Film Group, or Wolfpack Music Group.  WPMG ENT LIMITED is the international parent company of the Texas based media production companies, WPFG Studios and WPMG Music.  WPMG ENT LIMITED recently formed in Belize in 2014, but WPMG ENT's foundation, media background, history, and the Wolfpack branding extends back to 2005, when the CEO began producing media.  You can catch the media highlights below.  Enjoy! :)

 September 26, 2013

WPMG Music Mashes Philanthropy with Austin’s Live Music, While 2nd Single from The Unstoppable Undertaking Album is Released

Wolfpack Music Group raised piles, bags, boxes, and sacks of clothes, shoes, food and other items for Austin City’s Homeless at a private listening party, and releases “Life Support” the second single from the socially conscious album, The Unstoppable Undertaking. The song has gained pre-release European radio spins with more deals pending, and the group works on wrapping up their socially conscious album project and gaining distribution.

The Wolfpack Music Group, an international music production conglomerate for, “Social Positivity Through Pop Art,” held a private listening party in The Live Music Capital of the World to celebrate progress onWPMG Music’s socially conscious double disc album & mixtape project: The Unstoppable Undertaking, and In the Same Game. At the party, the second WPMG single, "Life Support,” was revealed with a live performance from the group’s first Caribbean artist,Mandrike. Keeping the Wolfpack philanthropy alive at the party, guests had to bring items for the homeless to trade for “free” drinks, “earning” them with their social positivity. As the energy and antics unfolded on stage, a friendly spontaneous freestyle battle with an original twist began, and at one point WPMG Music’s CEO,Producer Robin Blesch, also rapped on stage with her artists! Wait... What? READ MORE HERE








WPMG Music Previews 1st Positive Album on Tour through Washington D.C. & East Coast Starting Disc Pre-Sales for The Unstoppable Undertaking

The Wolfpack Music Group, an international underground studio system of independent artists for social positivity through pop art, created by Producer Robin Blesch, takes East Coast pre-release tour, shooting music video in iconic locations, and launching disc pre-sales of their first socially conscious album, The Unstoppable Undertaking. The CD Release Party for the album has been planned, and the group seeks distribution deal before the planned release date.

The Wolfpack Music Group, an international independent underground studios system of artists for social positivity through pop-art, created by Producer Robin Blesch, launched pre-sales of their first collectively produced socially conscious album, The Unstoppable Undertaking, with a mini pre-release tour trekking through Washington D.C. and five states across the east coast. During the multi-state trek, the Wolfpack officially announced the beginning of disc pre-sales, gave sneak peak performances at live shows, interviewed on WLVS Radio in DC, and appeared on the Eddie Kayne Radio Show streaming live in 97 countries. Also, while on the trip, Ms. Blesch filmed at several iconic locations for the first music video single, “What’s Up With The Love,” by DDI TheRebel from their highly anticipated, non-explicit, Fusion album. The group plans the release party for,“The Unstoppable Undertaking,“ to be a community event and drive for the homeless on Sept. 14th, and plans to release the music video on September 11, 2013; “In memory of Our Nation's tragedy, the tragedy that sparked one of the greatest tragedies for any nation, in any generation... WAR,” said Ms. Blesch, an Anthropology Major at the University of Texas.



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