WPMG ENT LIMITED - Socially Conscious Media

   WOLFPACK MEDIA GROUP -   Entertainment, Nature & Technology                     A BELIZEAN COMPANY                      


WPMG ENT - Creating Social Positivity Through Pop-Art!  

WPMG ENT works with talented indeviduals in the local and global crew and talent pool.  To be eligibe to work on upcoming projects with WPMG, or for collaborations, internships etc fill out the approperate form(s) below. 

Crew Registration Form         Internship Application 

Actor Registration Form         Sales Application Form

Model Registratoin Form   Staff Application Form 

Music Registration Form    Artist Registratin Form


Information About Each Form Below

Here is a list of your testimonials

Crew should fill out this form to be included in the potential hiring pool for WPMG ENT.  WPMG ENT keeps a database of crew members for future hiring purposes.   

Directors, Producers, DP's, AD's, AC's, Gaffers, Best Boys, Grips, Art Department, Wardrobe, Makeup artists, Hair Designers, Editors, Graphic Artists, Motion Graphics, Animators, Production sound, Post sound, etc.  Local Belizean crew and foreign crew who desire to work in Belize on projects with WPMG ENT should all register here.  Feel free to also submit cover letters and resumes directly by EMAIL.  

WPMG ENT Internship Application Form

Students and artists who are not yet seasoned professionals who wish to be involved in media production, or those who want to gain more hands on experience working in media production with WPMG should submit here.  

If you are seeking an internship opportunity please fill out the form, and EMAIL a cover letter introducing yourself to Producer Robin Blesch.  


WPMG ENT Music Artist Registration Form

Music artists who wish to produce clean and socially conscious music media should submit here.  Artists of many genres: Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Electronic, Pop, Fusion, DanceHall, Reggae, Christian, etc.  

Artists who sing, rap, write, compose, engineer, record, mix, master, make beats, own studios, etc.  


Do you model, or do you want to model?  All experience levels are welcome to register.  WPMG will keep your information on file, and we review those on file when now opportunities are available for models.  Models who are registered with us have some other perks too, like discounts on events, workshops, and portfolio shoots.

Male and female models, both chidren and aduts.  

WPMG ENT Other Artist Registration Form

Do you paint, draw, sculpt, carve, do grafitti, something else interesting and artistic?  WPMG ENT also wants to know about you too.   Register here, and we will keep you on file for future opportunities, future art exibits or events.  

Especially Mayan or other cultural artists.  WPMG ENT has projects planned around documenting cultural art.  You're info will be kept on file, and you'll be contacted when opportunities for artists arrise.  


WPMG ENT Staff Application Form 

This is where artists apply if they want to be more of a full time fixture at WPMG ENT.  Do you want to grow with the company?  

Producers, Directors, Coordinators, managers, videographers, marketing, PR, Graphic Designers, CGI artists, etc.  If you want to be looked at for inclusion in the core group at WPMG ENT then submit here


WPMG ENT Sales Representative Application Form

WPMG ENT is building a sales force.  If you would ike to become part of that sales force appy here.  WPMG ENT has a competitive comision based sales program, paying out 10-20% on projects.  Posisions can be part or full time.  

Representatives can be local or foreign. 


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