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WPMG ENT - Creating Social Positivity Through Pop-Art!  

Founded by TX Producer Robin Blesch in Belize with a goal to produce many types of media projects locallly, from culturally rich music videos and beautifully diverse photo shoots to films and community events, etc.

WPMG has a commitment to working with and enriching local artists, and working to help develop the media production and entertainment industry in Belize. 

WPMG has set the content standard bar high at socially conscious for media projects we produce. 






Robin Blesch has been producing media for a decade now with a diverse portfolio of projects under her belt, from feature films and music videos to photo shoots, concerts, parties, workshops, commercials and more.  However, sometimes when you talk about what you have done, or how awesome your work is, it just sounds like bragging... Really it's about what other people say about your work, talent, or your work ethic that speaks volumes more than anything you can say about yourself... So, check out what others have to say below! 

The below recommendations were originally posted on View Producer Robin Blesch's profile on LinkedIn


LeRoy Nellis II, CNE - Broker / CEO at Nellis Realty

"Robin is a great producer of films. She did an infomercial for my business partner and I and it turned out excellent. She managed to bring the film in completely on time and budget. I would recommend her and use her again"

Produced two 30 minute infomercials about real estate investing for Mr. Nellis. 

Austin, Tx

Adam Pearson - Television Editor / Actor

"Having worked with Robin before both as an actor on one of her sets and as a camera operator on her projects I've seen her repeatedly organize and manage large scale productions with ease and to great effect. She requires a very high level of quality in the talent, gear and crew for projects that she takes on and her results consistently reflect her insistence on setting the bar high."

Hired Adam several times as cast and crew.  

Austin, Tx

Robert Zimmer -  Producer / Owner, Deeper Magic Communications

"Robin is a take-charge, no-nonsense production wizard who is also immensely fun to work with. She's like a pit bull without lipstick, except better looking and smarter. Robin is an aggressive go-getter and a problem solver.  I would recommend her and her extended staff to anyone."

Produce three sets totaling 47 commercials for Match.com for Mr. Zimmer. 

Los Angeles, Ca 

Mack Linan - Drummer / Owner, Dawn Over Zero

INSERT THE TESTIMONIAL TEXT HERE. FOR EXAMPLE:Thank you for providing such a valuable service. Your staff was extremely helpful and I am so happy with the outcome. I wish all businesses would treat their customers as you do and I will recommend you to all my associates. Thanks again for your help.

Produced live music event, "Carry Me Home Coatdrive" and produced/directed the "Carry Me Home" Music video for DOZ

Austin, Tx

Sam Finkle - Associate Producer at International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival

"Amazing efficient and talented Producer. Task-oriented and amicable. Enjoyed her charismatic personality as a Producer."

Hired Sam to work on a feature film I produced in the Caribbean.

Puerto Rico

Ia Ensterä - Set & Costume Designer 

"In film, there are producers you wonder IF they work, and then there are those you see doing nothing BUT work. Robin is definitely the latter. I cannot think of a time I didn't see her working, and we've worked together on several productions. 
Her enthusiasm is infectious. When Robin calls to work, I certainly answer the phone :)"

Hired Ia on some film projects.

Austin, Tx

Barbara Brinkley - Casting Director / Owner at Brinkley Casting 

"Robin is a stellar producer who watches the balance sheet very carefully, but does not foget to be very "human" to all on set. She is a pleasure to work with and very creative. I always look forward to working on her projects."

Worked with Barbara on several film and workshop projects.  

Austin, Tx

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